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Metal roofing has been around for a long time. While its reputation has certainly grown in recent years, there are still several myths that surround the topic. These myths often prevent home and business owners from installing metal roofs, and thereby keep them from enjoying all the benefits this material provides.

Are you wondering what these myths are? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we are going to dispel some of the common misconceptions about metal roofs in the Chicagoland area, helping you decide whether it’s a suitable option for your property.

Misconception: It’s Aesthetically Limited

When you think of metal roofing, you probably imagine metallic colors. While, yes, these certainly exist, they’re far from the only colors available. In truth, metal roofing comes in a wide variety of colors.

Whether you want a roof that is silver, black, red, blue, green, white, or any other color, you will be accommodated. Modern metal roofing is designed with aesthetics in mind, and it can essentially transform the look and feel of a property.

For more information about the metal roofing style options that are available for your Chicagoland property, do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We can help you find the perfect option for your home or building.

Misconception: It’s Noisy

Another common misconception about metal roofing is that it’s noisy. Many people assume that if something falls on a metal roof — including raindrops — the sound will reverberate throughout the entire structure below.

This may have been true of certain types of metal roofing in the past. However, this only occurs when a metal roof is installed incorrectly. When metal roofing is installed along with insulative materials, this noise will be minimal at worst — and no louder than what you would get with other roofing materials.

Misconception: It’s Not Sustainable

At some point in time, rumors that metal roofing is not sustainable began to circulate. As such, some people are under the impression that metal roofing is bad for the environment.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, metal roofing is one of the most sustainable roofing materials available in the Chicagoland area. Not only does it last for a long time (over 50 years), but when installed with high-quality insulation, it provides terrific energy efficiency.

When metal roofing reaches the end of its lifespan, it can be recycled. This is certainly not something you can say about most other roofing materials.

You don’t have to worry about metal roofing having sustainability issues. In truth, it’s the exact opposite.

Misconception: It Lacks Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs are relatively thin, and depending on the season, they are either hot or cold to the touch. As such, many people assume that it wouldn’t be a good insulator. However, this is not the reality.

Metal roofing is specifically installed with insulation, which makes it highly energy efficient. Not only does it do a good job of keeping out cold, but heat as well.

People often ask, “does metal roofing attract heat?” The answer is no. Metal roofing reflects sunlight, which keeps much of the heat of the sun from seeping into the structure below.

In essence, by installing metal roofing on your property, you won’t be doing anything to increase your energy usage. Metal roofing is just as energy efficient as any other roofing material, if not more so.

Interested in Buying Metal Roofing in Chicagoland?

Now that we’ve dispelled some of the common myths and misconceptions about metal roofs, are you ready to make the switch to metal roofing for your home or commercial property in the Chicagoland area? If so, look no further than Chicago Metal Supply.

We offer a wide variety of metal roofing options. Not only do we have various metal roofing styles available, but a range of colors as well. Contact us today at (773) 227-6200 to discuss your options.