C5R 5-Blade

C5R 5-Blade


Use the Malco C5R Crimper to downsize stove pipe and round metal duct to create a male connection for joining sections. The five blades of this versatile job-site hand tool produce a 1-5/8 inch (41.28 mm) long, shallow, double crimp that replicates factory indentations and ensures a tight fitting, leak-proof connection. The connection is also more self-supporting during installation. A handle closing stop maintains a consistent crimp. Hardened all-steel construction and a nickel chrome finish ensure long service life. The Malco C5R Crimper also features ergonomic RedLine Handle technology. An Engineered handle opening compliments the natural power stroke of any user


$ 39.00

Model #


Jaw Depth

1-5/8 in. (41.28 mm)

Max. Capacity
24 Gauge (0.71 mm)
Number of Blades
Depth Marking

1-5/8 in (41.3 mm)

Overall Length

9-5/8 in. (244 mm)


Carbon Steel

Tool Length

11.75 in.

Unit Weight

1.08 lbs.

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