FS1DL 1-Station Large

FS1DL 1-Station Large


When you need to get the job done right and on time, you need professional-grade Metal Disc Benders by Malco, featuring removable discs for quick disassembly and mid-panel tool removal.Why choose a 1-station model? These tools are best for short bends and curves!Form 90°-180° bends to create hems and other details in any panel length on the jobsite, without waiting on wholesale roll formers. Metal Disc Benders by Malco are designed to form bends in a wide variety of materials for finishing custom straight or curved metal roofing details such as open hems for facia details, ridge caps and other interlocking features. HVAC pros can also use Malco


  • Capacity of materials: 24 ga steel, 26 ga stainless steel, .040′ aluminum, 20 oz copper, 1 mm zinc
  • Large 1-Station Disc (FS1DL): Makes 5/16′ – 1 3/4′ (8 – 45 mm) curved or straight bends
  • Bend radius of .059′ (1.5mm)
  • Pair with removable Disc Handle (FSH1) to make cross breaks in material, create designs and start bends on flat panels
  • Removable handle allows for compact storage
  • Quick setup, lightweight and highly portable
  • Premium CNC aluminum and stainless-steel components are built tough, resist corrosion and make the product more stable for precise bends

$ 409.00

Model #


Folding Depth

5/16″ – 1 3/4″ (8 – 45 mm)

Overall Length


Max. Capacity

24 ga. Steel, 26 ga. Stainless Steel, .040 Aluminum, 20 oz Copper, 1 mm Zinc



Tool Length
6.55 in.
Unit Weight
2.045 lbs.
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