AV9 Aviation Snip Right Vertical

AV9 Aviation Snip Right Vertical


The forged steel jaws of this right-cutting snip are set at a 90-degree angle to allow easy gripping when cutting sheet metal in tight spaces or overhead. The operator can follow tight circular or square pattern right cuts with either a pushing or pulling motion. A serrated edge on the upper jaw and compound head-to-handle linkage provide powerful, non-slip leverage for cutting up to 24-gauge (0.61 mm) cold rolled steel or 28-gauge (0.38 mm) stainless. Handles feature non-slip, cushion inserts, torsion-spring action and a squeeze-open, side operated latch. Rust-resistant polished forged steel jaws and black oxide finished handle stampings promote long service life.


  • Cuts in tight spaces and overhead
  • Easy gripping for push or pull motion right cuts
  • Powerful non-slip cutting leverage
  • Traditional design with forged steel jaws, torsion handle spring and side latch.

$ 35.00

Model #
Grip Material
Steel with Red Thermoplastic grip
Blade Material
Forged Steel
Handle Material
Cutting Direction
Right-Cutting Upright
Cutting Capacity

24-ga (0.61 mm) Cold Rolled Steel
28-ga (0.38 mm) Stainless Steel

Cutting Length

1-3/8-in. (34.9 mm)

Cutting Edge Type
Serrated Jaw
Tool Length
9.25 in.
Unit Weight

1.023 lbs.

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