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Looking to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum? Hoping to help the environment as much as possible? If so, you should strongly consider choosing a metal roof for your next roofing project.

There are several ways in which a standing seam metal roof can help you reduce your carbon footprint. To that end, this metal roofing contractor is going to explain some of the key things you should know below.

What Does It Mean to “Go Green”?

“Going green” involves making decisions that most optimally benefit the environment. More specifically, it’s about reducing one’s carbon footprint. To minimize your carbon footprint, you must make decisions that result in the least amount of energy consumption possible.

If everyone does their part to reduce their carbon footprint, we can work together to drastically slow global warming. This will have a major positive impact on the world at large for years to come.

How Does Metal Roofing Contribute to Going Green?

We’ve discussed what it means to go green. Now, what does metal roofing have to do with that? Metal roofs help minimize energy consumption in a variety of ways, which include the following:

It’s Energy Efficient to Transport

First and foremost, metal roofing is extremely lightweight compared to other roofing materials. Because of this, it can often be shipped by a single vehicle. While it may take multiple semi-trucks to ship ten houses worth of asphalt shingles, it might take only one semi-truck to ship ten houses worth of standing seam metal roofing materials, for example.

In essence, standing seam metal roofing requires much less energy and resources to transport. Because of this, it has a smaller carbon footprint, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

It’s an Excellent Insulator

Not only is metal roofing energy efficient to transport, but it’s highly insulative as well. As such, it can provide a home or commercial building with a terrific energy efficiency rating.

First off, metal roofing does a great job of reflecting sunlight. When it’s hot outside, it does a much better job of resisting heat than most other roofing materials. Metal roofing is also installed with supplemental insulative materials, which helps to keep both cold and heat at bay.

The result is that the HVAC system inside the home or building doesn’t have to work as hard as it otherwise would. When it doesn’t need to work as hard, it doesn’t consume as much energy, and when it doesn’t consume as much energy, it has a smaller carbon footprint. Overall, this is much more beneficial for the environment.

It’s Durable

There is also the durability factor of metal roofing. Most high-quality metal roofs last well over 50 years. This often ends up being more than double the lifespan that you’ll get from traditional asphalt shingles.

Because metal roofing lasts so long, they require less attention and resources. Plus, metal roofs can also be recycled when they reach the end of their lifespan. That’s a win for the environment on both accounts.

It’s Ultra-compatible With Solar Panels

If you want to drastically reduce your carbon footprint, you can install solar panels on your home. This way, most of your energy will come from the sun, and not from the grid. Sun-sourced energy has no negative impact on the environment. Grid-sourced energy, on the other hand, requires the burning of fossil fuels, which ultimately increases one’s carbon footprint.

What does all of this have to do with metal roofing? Metal roofing is ultra-compatible with solar panels. In fact, solar panels can easily be installed on a metal roof with the use of specialized clips. It is a quick and easy process that can drastically reduce your property’s carbon footprint.

Interested in Going Green by Installing a Metal Roof?

Is a metal roof right for your home or commercial property? If so, and if you’re ready to go green by switching to metal roofing, you’ve come to the right place — Chicago Metal Supply is the company to call.

As one of the most well-respected metal roofing contractors in the United States, we offer a wide variety of metal roofing options that are available in several colors and styles. Regardless of your aesthetic or functionality preferences, we are sure to have an option that compliments your property.

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