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Flashing is used to prevent water from seeping down into a roof and causing structural damage. It offers both a functional benefit as well as an aesthetic boost.

There are all different styles of roof flashing, but if you’re dealing with a rounded roof, your best option is to use radius flashing. Looking to learn more about this particular type of flashing? This page has all the information you will need to know.

The Advantages of Metal Radius Flashing

Radius flashing is available in a variety of different materials. The question is: what exactly sets metal radius flashing apart? Quite a few things, in fact, which we will discuss below:

Few Maintenance Needs

All flashing materials require some form of maintenance. Note, though, that when it comes to overall maintenance levels, metal flashing isn’t anywhere near as intensive as materials like stone or cement.

Generally speaking, metal flashing only requires a basic cleaning every so often. It doesn’t need to be patched up, and it rarely needs to be replaced. It’s a true set-it-and-forget-it type of material.

Terrific Durability

Metal radius flashing is some of the most durable in existence. On average, it lasts over 100 years, maintaining both its functionality and its aesthetic. Metal radius flashing thrives not only through inclement weather but through physical wear and tear as well.

If you choose to invest in metal flashing now, you’ll most likely never have to buy flashing again. In fact, because of metal flashing’s low-maintenance needs, you might not even have to worry about it ever again.

Light in Weight

The weight of your flashing can have an effect on your roof’s structural components. Generally speaking, the lighter the weight of the flashing, the better off your roof’s structural components will be.

Fortunately, metal radius flashing is exceedingly lightweight. As such, it will have little to no impact on your roof’s long-term health.

Sits Flush Against Rounded Roofs

Just as you shouldn’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole, you shouldn’t try to attach flat flashing to a rounded roof. This would not only leave the roof with a lack of protection, but it would also significantly reduce its overall aesthetic.

This is where radius flashing comes in. Radius flashing sits flush against rounded roofs, ensuring that they’re fully covered and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.


The whole point of flashing is to prevent water from seeping down into specific portions of a roof. As such, it needs to be leak-proof.

Metal radius flashing is entirely leak-proof, and it does a terrific job of repelling water at all times. That, combined with its superior durability, makes it arguably the best flashing material in existence.

A Number of Metals to Pick From

We manufacture radius flashing in a number of different metals. These metals include (but aren’t limited to) aluminum, steel, copper, and zinc. For more information about our available metals, give us a call today!

Custom Made to Accommodate Roofs of All Kinds

Regardless of the slope and contours of your roof, we can provide you with radius flashing that is perfect for your home. All of our flashing is custom made and designed to fit your roof’s exact specifications.

Looking for Radius Flashing?

Are you looking to install radius flashing? Are you interested in metal radius flashing, in particular? If so, we here at Chicago Metal Supply have you covered.

We offer a variety of metal radius flashing, and we’re sure to have something that will accommodate your property. Regardless of your specific needs, we are here to help.

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