Optimize Your Roof Drainage System with Metal Downspouts

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Where gutters are, downspouts must follow. Downspouts are vital to the functionality of the roof drainage system, as they collect rainwater and empty it into appropriate areas to reduce foundational wear and tear.

You can find downspouts that are made from all types of materials. However, if you’re looking for that high-end aesthetic, there’s no material that can compete with metal. Read below to learn more about our metal downspouts.

Made from a Number of Different Metals

Here at Chicago Metal Supply, we manufacture our downspouts out of a variety of different metals. Whether you want steel downspouts, copper downspouts, aluminum downspouts, or otherwise, if you’re looking for a metal option, we can supply it.

Give us a call to discuss your available options. Our team will work with you to find the perfect option for your property.

A Variety of Styles Available

We offer a number of different downspout styles, each of which provides its own unique bit of individuality. Some of our styles include rounded, corrugated rounded, rectangular, corrugated rectangular, and octagonal.

We also have the ability to customize downspouts, allowing us to suit each and every style preference. Contact us to discuss your customization options!

Why Choose Metal Downspouts?

Downspouts can be made from a wide variety of materials, including plastic, fiberglass, and, of course, metal. The question is: what makes metal the ultimate choice? We’ll discuss below:

Aesthetically Superior

Aesthetic preferences are, by and large, subjective. That said, most would agree that metal downspouts have a more attractive appearance than plastic downspouts or fiberglass downspouts.

Metal downspouts offer a high-end feel and are perfectly suited to adorn high-end properties. This makes them great for use on historical buildings, government buildings, churches, and more.

Extremely Durable

All downspouts are designed to be reasonably durable. Note, though, that metal downspouts are at the top of the list. Metal downspouts can last 70 to 80 years and, with proper maintenance, can last as long as a century. There is no other downspout material that has this level of durability.

Little Maintenance Required

Though metal downspouts do require some maintenance, their amount of maintenance required is rather minuscule. Because of their resistance to both moisture and physical trauma, they tend to exist well on their own. In most cases, they just need to be cleaned from time to time.

This is particularly true of steel, copper, and aluminum downspouts, which don’t rust. As a result, they can handle water exposure over exceedingly long periods of time.


On the surface, high-end metal downspouts may seem like the more expensive option. However, when you take into account their extreme durability and the small amount of maintenance that is required, they actually end up being the more cost-effective solution.

Yes, you’ll pay a decent amount for metal downspouts initially. However, as the years pass, your downspouts will pay themselves off many times over.

Great on Buildings of All Kinds

As was noted above, metal downspouts are available in a variety of styles and materials. Regardless of the type of building you have, there is a type of metal downspout that is sure to accommodate its overall aesthetic.

This includes everything from government buildings, to historical residences, to agricultural buildings, and much more. Metal downspouts will elevate their appearance, leaving them looking sharp and luxurious as the years pass.

Seeking High-quality Metal Downspouts?

If you’re looking for high-quality metal downspouts, there’s no need to look any further. We here at Chicago Metal Supply have you covered.

Our downspouts come in many different shapes and styles. We offer rounded downspouts, rectangular downspouts, corrugated downspouts, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our selection!