Radius Gutters from Chicago Metal Supply

Radius Gutters from Chicago Metal Supply

Whether you’re constructing a new building or are making updates to your existing building, it’s important to put some consideration into the gutters. Not only can the gutters affect the functionality of your property, but they can also affect the aesthetic of your property as well.

There are all sorts of terrific gutters on the market today, but when it comes to drainage on rounded roofs, there’s no better option than radius gutters. Interested in learning more about them? Read on for more information.

Made of the Highest Quality Materials

Our radius gutters are made out of only the highest quality materials. Tough and durable, they’re built to thrive through decades of wear and tear. Our materials include:


Unique in aesthetic and high in functionality, copper gutters are ideal for high-end and historical buildings. Resistant to weathering and built to withstand all types of abuse, they’ll serve your building reliably for decades.


Zinc is a popular choice for radius gutters due to its low maintenance and long lifespan. The material is very malleable, which allows for various design styles that can suit all types of buildings. Depending on local weather conditions, zinc gutters can last for nearly a century. It is also environmentally friendly, with a 100% clear water runoff.

Galvanized Steel / Paint Grip

Whereas copper has a bronze color, galvanized steel has a silver color. Highly durable and resistant to rusting, it’s built to thrive through all types of weather conditions. Regardless of the type of building you have, galvanized steel gutters should suit it well.

The Characteristics of Radius Gutters

All gutters share some characteristics (the ability to drain roof water, for example). However, they have their fair share of unique characteristics as well. The unique characteristics of radius gutters include the following.

Horizontally Angle-less

Aesthetically speaking, radius gutters are characterized by a smooth, rounded look. This is quite different from other gutters, which are angled and ridged in various places.

The effect of this horizontally angle-less design? A sleek appearance that perfectly complements the building. If you want to provide your building with a sophisticated and professional look, installing radius gutters around the curved parts of your roof could be a great solution.

Formed to Match Your Roof

Radius gutters are not “one size fits all” gutters. Because they’re meant to sit flush against the roof, and because the roof is curved, radius gutters need to be customized to match the exact dimensions of the roof.

For instance, a circular-shaped radius gutter isn’t going to fit on an oval-shaped roof. Conversely, an oval-shaped radius gutter isn’t going to fit on a circle-shaped roof. Everything needs to be measured accurately so that the gutter can fit perfectly and perform well.

Aesthetically Various

There are a number of different styles of radius gutters, each of which can alter the aesthetic of a property. In some cases, the style can even affect the functionality of the gutter.

One option is the K-style gutter. This gutter is boxed at its bottom, and it has a number of grooves in its outward-facing side. It adds depth to a property, while also doing a great job of reducing spillage.

Another option is the box gutter. This is quite simply a gutter with a boxed bottom. It’s aesthetically conservative and does a fair job of reducing spillage.

There are also brownstone gutters. These are boxed at their bottom, with just one inward-facing ridge on their outward-facing side. They are aesthetically conservative, but they’re slightly better at reducing spillage than box gutters.

The last option we’ll discuss is half-round gutters. These gutters are rounded on their bottoms, and they provide an entirely round aesthetic to a roof. To reduce spillage, they have inward-facing ridges on their outward-facing sides.

Install High-quality Radius Gutters with Chicago Metal Supply

If radius gutters are right for your home or commercial building, and if you’re looking to install them on your property, we here at Chicago Metal Supply are the company to call.

Our radius gutters are made from the highest quality materials, and they’re built to last for decades and decades. Regardless of the size of your building, we can accommodate you.

Contact us today to discuss your needs!