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When snow accumulates on a roof, there is always the possibility that it could slide off in large chunks. When the roof in question is made of metal, galvanized steel, or slate tiles, the likelihood of this happening is even more pronounced.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent snow from falling off your metal roof. You can install a system of snow guards, which go a long way in protecting the possessions and people on your property.

Interested in learning more? We are going to discuss some of the key things you should know about snow guards below.

Metal Roof Snow Guards

Metal roofs offer a smooth texture that is both functionally impressive and aesthetically pleasing. However, because it’s so smooth, it doesn’t offer much friction. As such, snow tends to slide off it with ease whenever heavy piles start to accumulate.

This makes metal roofs a prime candidate for snow guards. By attaching snow guards to your metal roof, you effectively lock snow in place. The added friction reduces slippage and helps prevent snow from suddenly crashing down.

Galvanized Steel Roof Snow Guards

Galvanized steel roofs are also prone to snow slippage as well. After all, galvanized steel is an exceptionally slippery material. Naturally, this makes galvanized steel roofing a perfect choice for snow guards.

There are several different types of snow guards that can be suitable for galvanized steel roofs. These include SGAR snow guards, SGAR-SLS snow guards, and SGAR-STR snow guards.

Slate Tile Roof Snow Guards

Slate tile is a beautiful roofing material — one that’s meant to thrive for hundreds of years. However, it’s relatively slippery and does a poor job of holding snow. This makes it one of the top candidates for snow guards.

A professional roofing contractor can install snow guards up and down your slate tile roof, keeping snow from falling to the ground below. In doing so, you can protect the possessions on your property, as well as individuals who are coming or going.

How Do Snow Guards Work?

The point of snow guards is not to prevent every bit of snow from falling off a roof. It’s to prevent large chunks of snow and ice from falling all at one time.

Snow guards function in a unique way. Yes, they’re all spread out and mounted a few feet apart from each other. However, this still provides each snow guard with enough leverage to hold a sheet of ice in place. The snow guard protrudes just a few inches from the roof, and essentially hooks the ice sheet into a set position.

When there are several snow guards working together, they essentially negate any risk of falling snow. In most cases, snow guards will cause ice and snow chunks to melt before they’re able to fall off the roof in large pieces.

Interested in Installing Snow Guards for Your Metal Roof?

As you can see, snow guards can be a big help in keeping snow from falling off a metal, galvanized steel, or slate tile roof. In doing so, they can serve to protect not only expensive possessions on your property, but individuals on your property as well.

Are you interested in installing snow guards on your metal roof? If so, Chicago Metal Supply is the company to call. Our metal fabrication team has produced all types of snow guards for metal roofs, and we’d be more than happy to do the same for you.

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