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Now used to host weddings, parties, and a variety of other events, Vancouver’s Heritage Hall first opened as a post office in 1914. A grand structure characterized by its tall steeples and clocktower, it’s one of the most recognizable buildings in all of Vancouver.

While Heritage Hall still features beautiful architecture, it’s been a while since its last renovation…until now. We here at Chicago Metal Supply are proud to say that we’re involved in a renovation of Heritage Hall currently, handling all the work on its roof.

Working under the guidance of the City of Vancouver, as well as the Heritage Hall Preservation Society, we look forward to facilitating both aesthetic and functional enhancements of this historic structure.

Project Specifics

Heritage Hall is seeing a wide variety of updates, some of them aesthetic and some of them functional. Some of the most prominent updates being made include the following:

Custom Finials

One of our contributions to the project is a set of custom finials. These are made from high-quality copper and are designed to add a new yet classic aesthetic to the hall.

Slate Roofing

Another aspect of the renovation is the replacement of the hall’s slate roofing. This is being supplied by a Canadian company, and it should go a long way in returning the building to its peak aesthetic.

Structural Reinforcement

The building will be undergoing several structural reinforcements as well. For instance, the clock tower and roof will be strengthened internally, ensuring that the structure is prepared to stand strong for years to come.

Masonry Work

The building will also receive some new masonry work, helping to improve both its look and its structural integrity. This will assist in improving the exterior of the building, allowing it to retain its traditional aesthetic elements while bringing it firmly into the present time.

The History of Heritage Hall in Vancouver

Heritage Hall was built in 1914, and it was intended to be used as a post office. Designed by architect Archibald Campbell Hope, it sits on Main Street in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

In the 1970s, it was used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Following their use of the structure, it went on to be used as an arts venue. Today, it’s used primarily to host weddings, corporate events, and other such events.

Chicago Metal Supply Can Assist with All Your Historical Building Renovations

Vancouver’s Heritage Hall is just one of many buildings that we’ve helped renovate over the years. In fact, we have assisted in historic renovations of buildings all throughout North America.

If you’re looking to update your historic structure, give us a call. Not only can we supply you with custom metal construction materials, but we can also assist you in adorning your building with those materials.

We manufacture everything from gutters to downspouts to finials to skylights to roof vents to cupolas to cornices and more. These entities are available in several different materials, and they can go a long way in returning your building to its former glory.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.