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Are you looking for a new roofing material that’s more durable than asphalt shingles? If so, you should consider installing a standing seam roof. This roofing comes with a variety of advantages, and it offers a number of benefits over time. Curious as to the specific benefits of standing seam roofing? We’re going to review them below. 

Resistant to Weathering

Unlike many roofing materials, standing seam roofing is highly resistant to weathering. This is true for a number of reasons.

For one, it’s chemically and structurally impervious to rain and snow, meaning it won’t rust. For two, the material is slippery, ensuring that snow can’t build up on top of it. For three, it’s heavier than most other roofing materials, protecting it from strong wind gusts. 

If you live in an area with extreme weather (like Chicago), standing seam roofing can be very beneficial. You’re almost sure to encounter a few dozen serious storms over the years. This roofing will thrive through them all. 

Highly Durable

Asphalt roofs last for 20 to 30 years. Cedar roofs last for 30 to 40 years. Standing seam roofs? They can exceed 50 years, and they can sometimes even reach 70 years of age. 

Simply put, standing seam roofing is highly durable. This is the case not only because of its resistance to weathering but because of its resistance to physical trauma as well. This material doesn’t split, doesn’t crack, and doesn’t fall off during windstorms. It’s designed to thrive for several decades. 

Odds are, if you put standing seam roofing on your property, you won’t have to replace it in your lifetime. 

Environmentally Friendly

Looking for a roofing material that has a minimal environmental impact? If so, standing seam roofing can accommodate you. This material is not only made from recycled materials, but it can also be recycled again once its use has been served. 

Standing seam roofs are made out of steel, in particular. Steel is almost 100% recyclable, meaning that standing seam roofing offers tremendous environmental value over time. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

While aesthetic preferences are subjective, it’s fair to say that standing seam roofing has a pleasant aesthetic to it. Sleek, smooth, and symmetrically textured, it’s available in a wide variety of styles. 

You can find standing seam roofing in black, red, brown, gray, and a number of other colors. Regardless of the look of your property, there will be a set of standing seam roofing panels that accommodates you.


All roofing materials provide some level of insulation. However, some materials are much more insulative than others. Standing seam roofing sits toward the top of the list. 

Adorned with a highly reflective paint, standing seam roofing is designed to repel sunlight. As such, it does a terrific job of staving off heat. It does a great job in winter temperatures as well, preventing the inward flow of cold waves.

Protects Against Fire

Today, property fires are fairly rare. That said, they do occur. If you want to reduce the risk of a property fire as much as possible, standing seam roofing is a great option. 

This roofing is entirely resistant to fire. Though it can melt, it has no chance of catching on fire and burning. As such, it provides terrific fire resistance.

Looking to Install Standing Seam Roofing in Chicago?

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Our standing seam roofing is available in a variety of colors. Regardless of your aesthetic preferences, we can accommodate you. 

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