Understanding the Necessity of Perimeter Edge Metal on Your Commercial Roof

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One of the most common issues with commercial roofing systems is the problem of wind exposure. High winds can place tremendous pressure on commercial roofs, sometimes causing them to lift up slightly in various places. When this occurs, they can become exposed to water damage, putting them in an exceedingly vulnerable position. 

​Generally speaking, the wind does its damage at a roof’s perimeter, entering in gaps at the perimeter and shooting up toward the middle of the roof. Fortunately, with the right perimeter edge metal system installed, your commercial roof can withstand wind and water damage. 

​Learn more about perimeter edge metal by reading below!

What Does Perimeter Edge Metal Do?

There are two main reasons to install perimeter edge metal. On one hand, it enhances the aesthetic of its respective roof, helping it stand out among the others. On the other hand, it reduces the effect of wind, preventing it from flowing underneath its corresponding roofing and ripping it up. 

From both a functional and aesthetic standpoint, perimeter edge metal is extremely beneficial. It will attract more attention to your roof (and your building as a whole), while also prolonging your roof’s lifespan. 

Types of Perimeter Edge Metals

Perimeter edge metals come in many forms, each of which has something different to offer in terms of overall functionality and aesthetic. The kind of edge metals you choose can have an impact on your roof’s performance and can also affect your future warranty claims.

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Made from Heavy-Duty Metals

Here at Chicago Metal Supply, our perimeter metals are designed to withstand substantial wear and tear. Made out of heavy-duty metals and constructed with great precision and detail, they can handle every element from wind to rain, to ice, to snow, and more. 

​We feature certain profiles that are tested to meet the ES-1 standard. This is a standard devised in collaboration between the American National Standards Institute and the Single Ply Roofing Industry — also known as ANSI and SPRI, respectively. Testing requires that all perimeter metals be subject to physical pulling. This pulling simulates natural wind conditions, and, if successful in damaging a perimeter metal, will prevent the metal from achieving ES-1 status. 

​In short, our perimeter metals are of the highest quality. Solid, tough, and durable, they are made to thrive for years to come. 

Available in a Number of Colors and Metal Types

Regardless of the aesthetic of your building, our perimeter edge metals will accommodate you. They’re available in a wide range of colors and can bring out the best in any property. They are also available in a variety of thicknesses and types (steel, aluminum, copper, etc.). Contact us today to discuss your options!

Need a New Perimeter Edge Metal System for Your Roof?

Are the perimeters of your commercial roof damaged? Are you in need of a new perimeter edge metal system for your roof? If so, Chicago Metal Supply is the company to call. 

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